patent & design rights

Find below details of the group's intellectual property, including applied for and granted patents and design rights.


Self, J., A., 주소미, 윤자영, 김지수 (2018) Team-on-a-Table: domestic food Preparation product. Design Rights App. No. 30-2018-0031988.

Oakley, I, Self, J., A. & Adusei, M. (2018) Digital Leaning System for Visually Impaired. Patent reg. No. 10-1878344

Park, Y., W., Self, J., A., 김수빈, 장상수 (2018) Plant Diary: Plant growth IoT product versions I, II & III. Reg. Nos. 30-0964532, 30-0964533, 30-0964531

Kim, C., J., 강래성, Christiaans, H., 김혜영 & Self, J., A. (2018) User Experience Methods Tool. Patent Reg. No. 10-1877521

Self, J., A. & Raemdonck, B. (2018) Cardboard Puzzle Building Toy. Design Right reg. No. 30-0953818

Kim, C., J., 한임경, Self, J., A. & Jung, Y., W. (2018) Millet Food Processor. Patents I and II. app. Nos. 10-2018-0008973 & 10-2017-0183474

김진성, 채재혁, 장기도, Adusei, M., 구교휘, Self, J., A., Kim, C., J. (2017) Flewgun house-hold Sterilizer. Patent reg. No. 10-1743592

이성근, Self, J., A., Kim, C., J. & 육기철 (2016) Easy-open Bottle Screw-top. Patent app. No. 10-2016-0168834

김진성, Self, J., A., Chae, J., H., 구교휘, 장기도, Adusei, M. (2016) Flewgun house-hold Sterilizer. Design Right reg. No. 30-0860426-00-00

Kim, K., M., 강화영, 김정식, 송영은, 주익찬, Oakley, I. & Self, J., A. (2016) Smartphone Schedule Method. Patent reg. No. 10-1615938

Self, J., A., 박기범, 이슬, 김수성, 권혜리, 이훈 (2015) Disposable Ice-cream Scoop. Patent reg. No. 20-0476880

Self, J., A. & Hwang, Y., H. (2015) Mulit-purpose Hook. Patent app. No. 10-2015-0021222