See below for current and past news, awards, publications, events associated with and/or derived from the dpr lab @ UNIST.


Oct. 2018 | Wonder Design Lab Int. Workshop | Busan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation & Busan Foreign School (BFS) | In collaboration with Purdue Uni. & Busan Design Center

During his keynote, entitled “Make + Learn + Create: Teaching Creative Thinking by Design”, Professor Self presented benchmark case-studies of UNIST’s interdisciplinary design education and projects, as exemplars for Maker-driven creativity and innovation.

Mar. 2018 | Research Article Published | The Design Journal | Exploring the First Momentary Unboxing Experience with Aesthetic Interaction


Co-authored with Prof. C., J. Kim (DHE, UNIST) and Jieun Bae (Busan Science Museum), the article explores unboxing experience in terms aesthetic interaction, with implications for both contemparary packaging design and the inital product experience. 

Chajoong Kim, James A. Self & Jieun Bae (2018) Exploring the First Momentary Unboxing Experience with Aesthetic Interaction, The Design Journal, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2018.1444538


Dec. 2017 | 3 Project works & design outcomes exhibited @ International Invitational design exhibition, Seoul.

Three graduate student works were exhibited at the KSDS 2017 International Invitational Design Exhibition, Paper Gallery Seoul, Korea. Works included acti, the mobile work station (Wondo Jeong, Kyung Jin Kim, Won Young Park, Sang Jin Park, James A. Self, Hwajung Hong, Chajoong Kim), AMI my travel mate and Swinglamp (Geehyuk Jeong, James A. Self, Young-Woo Park, Hwajung Hong).


Dec. 2017 | X3 Graduate students successfully defend thesis

Three graduate students have successful defended their Masters thesis works. Geehyuk Jeong presented his work entitled: Product Semantics & Design-driven Innovation in Meaning: The effect of Aesthetic Interaction (James A. Self, Advisor; Young-Woo Park & Hwajung Hong, Committee members).

Imkyung Han sucessfully defended her work: Metaphor Design and User Perception in terms of Form and Interaction (Chajoong Kim, Advisor; James A. Self & Yunwoo Jeong, Committee members).


Nov. 2017 | DHE Delegation visit University of Illinois at urbana-champaign, School of Art + Design & Purdue University, Department of Art & Design

The UNIST delegation participated in tours of facilities and makerspaces together with talks on future collaborative ventures, including an MOU between the DHE, UNIST and School of Art & Design, University of Illinois.


May. 2017 | Patent reg. | Hand-held, domestic sterilizer.

In collaboration with local industry partners, FluGun, a student team supervised by Profs. Self and Kim, have successfully patented their innovative re-design of the existing product for home use.


April. 2017 | International design awards | A' Design Award, Milan Italy.

A design team at the dpr.lab agagin scoop another international design award for the multiple award winning ToyBox project. The award was received from the Milan-based A' Design awards competition.


Feb. 2017 | Two Masters thesis submitted

'Adding Value to ‘Boksoondoga’ through Product (re)Design' (in collaboration with industry sponsor Boksoondoga) reports how both aesthetic and engineering interventions provided opportunity for both improved functional product attributes and brand value. The project was co-supervised with Profs. C.J. Kim & K.M. Kim. 'Geometry Accessory for Visually Impaired Children' reports the design and development of an IoT product for the education context to support visually impaired children in learning basic geometric principles (Adusei, M., Oakley, I., Self, J., A. and Kim, K., M).


Jan. 2017 | UNIST Bench-marking trip to Hong Kong Poly U & HK Design Institute


Potential areas of collaboration were discussed together with action points towards formal MOUs and collaborative acivities going forward.


In collaboration with Dr. Mark Evans (Loughborough Design School, UK) and Eun Jin Kim (ID KAIST, Korea), the article (Journal of Design Research 2016 14:2, 171-202)  explores how digital sketching implicates design ideation due to a re-orientation towards the design tool.


Jun. 2016 | Core77 Article published| Why is Sketching (Still) Important (To Design)?

The Core77 Article is one in a number of articles published by Prof. Self for Core77. The article was Co-authored with Dr. Eujin Pei of Brunel University, UK.


Prof. Self wins Design Research Award | Design 2016 International Design Conference

Prof. Self is awarded the Outstanding Contribution award for his paper entitled: Problem or Solution Focused? Ill-Defined Design Problems and the Influence of Sketch Ability.


Nov. 2018 | UNIST Design Workshop with Sooshin Choi (The Modus Design) | Inspiration-Driven Design

Prof. Self’s team help organise and support the Student Design Workshop, Inspiration-Driven Design. Chaired by visiting Prof. Sooshin Choi, the workshop explored relations between inspiration and information as catalyist for design creativity. Applying the framework, students conducted a short design task as part of the expereince.



Prof. James Self co-Authors a chapter contribution with Prof. Gabi Goldschmidt (Technion Israel Institute of Technology). The chapter explores the role of sketching in design through the lens of generative transformation. Book edited by Vermaas, Pieter E. and Vial, Stéphane. 


Dec. 2017 | International design awards | Spark silver + finalist

Two design works have been recognisied through a silver Silver spark design award + finalist. ToyBox 0.2 was awarded Silver (James A. Self, Bokyung Kim, Yujin Son, Bert Van Raemdonck), while Milluet Food processor was recognised as a Finalist (Imkyung Han, Chajoong Kim, James A. Self, Yunwoo Jeong). The Spark Design Awards is a Califorian based international award competition recognising design excellence in a broad range of product-related categories.


Nov. 2017 | Prof. Self provides special lecture on design innovation @ KCID workshop

The workshop, a collaboration between Harim Co., Ltd (industry sponsors) and JeongJu University, explored design-led opportunities to revitalize the Korean poultry market. Prof. Self's Keynote lecture focused upon design-driven innovation of meaning as related to product personality and brand identity.


Sep. 2017 | Journal article published | Int. J. Technology & Design Edu. | Interdisciplinarity in design education: understanding the undergraduate student experience

In collaboration with Prof. Beak, Dr. Self publishes a study of interdisciplinary team teaching within the undergraduate course:  DHE201 Design Thinking. The study examines how design, engineering and ergonomics contributed to course content, materials used and evaluation of student project outcomes, with particular focus upon the student experience.


May. 2017 | Research Seminar | Ulsan Univ. Korea | Product Design Innovation & Engineering


Prof. Self provides research seminar entitled 'Product Design Innovation & Engineering' to graduate students of Ulsan Univ.


May. 2017 | Journal article published | CoDesign | COVALENT, a method for co-designing value exchanges in community-centred design

In collaboration with Yoonyee Pahk (Ph.D. candidate) and Prof. Joon Sang Baek, the article presents a new approach to explores new approaches to  stimulate value exchange during particpatory design for social innovation.


Mar. 2017 | Design Journal article published 20(3) | Resolving Wicked problems: Appositional reasoning & sketch representation

As part of National Research Foundation of Korea funded project, Prof. Self's publication indicates how sketch ability, rather than design experience, provided opportunity for increased reasoning between design problem and propositional solution ideas.


Feb. 2017 | AoDR Journal Article Published | Mode-of-use innovation in interactive product development

Published together with graduate student Geehyuck Jeong, the paper explore mode-of-use innovation as applied to interactive products. Findings indicate how novel, technology enabled interactions may stimulate innovation, but only when function-feedback maps well to user expectations.


Co-authored with Prof. Self and Ekaterina Andrietc, the paper explores how for departures from a product archetype implicate acceptability during initial user/product interactions.


Co-authored with Prof. Yunwoo Jeong and Kyohwe Goo, the article explores how retrospective design implicates innovation in meanings.


The article explores how an ability to sketch, rather than design experience, provides enhanced opportunities to move between problem definition and solution ideation during conceptual design.