Course Overview

CDE51101 Intergrated Design Project I | graduate

CDE51101 Intergrated Design Project I is a graduate level course (see CDE @ UNIST)  covering the complete innovative product development process, starting with a strategic product plan and design assignment. The course includes three phases: orientation (problem definition), analysis (studies), and synthesis (design proposal). The course is intended to promote the inevitable coherence of different disciplines in product development, and is a required course in the CDE programme.


Course objectives

  • Gain insight into the use of methods and techniques for product innovation and development.

  • learn to integrate all his/her existing knowledge and skills necessary for the project in hand.

  • learn to see when new knowledge and skills are needed and to integrate as required.

  • learn to identify the competencies of the team members and to blend them into a team that performs well.

  • learn to manage a long and complex product development project.

Teaching apporach

Students work in project teams of 3 or 4 students from different disciplines. Each project group has two supervisors (a research expert and a design expert). There are weekly meetings of a team and its supervisors by appointment during the project and in addition the students attending regular seminars, workshops and tutorials. Furthermore each team organises two internal peer feedback sessions to assess the functioning and performance of the team at large as well as the functioning and performance of the individual team members.

Student outcomes

Design and research deliverables include, but are not limited to, concept boards, scenario-of-use illustration, short promo-video and project report.