embodied/rich interactions

I saw this as we scooted past on our electric scooters and had to turn back.

There's always something to be said about rich or embodied interactions - especially as tonic against the all ubiquitous touch-screen display.

And I can't talk about that without mentioning Joep Frens and his still relevant thesis exploring and promoting a richer, more embodied interactive experience.

I love the physicality of the operation. The coordination between hand and eye as the vender feels through the action of squeezing the orange. The form of the product is perfected over many generations (utilizing the same or similar squeezing action) to be harmonious with function. In this I find a certain elegance. 

It reminded me of the Ojex Manual Citrus Juicer featured in the classic text on product design process: Design Secrets: 50 Real-life Projects Uncovered. Products, Volume 1

The harmony between interaction, function and form makes this beautiful design...