Course Overview

IID311 Design Knowledge and skills II | Undergraduate

Product and industrial designers are required to aquire the ability to understand material properties, processes or manufacture and the technical requirements of a design. Departing from engineering design practice however, product designers must also develop an awareness of product aesthetic and semantic appeal. How do the color, texture and feel of a product and the materials used in its production create product personality?


Course objectives

This course deals with engineering and manufacturing design issues, product realisation skills and methods of production to explore the critical relationship between materials, manufacture and design. Key areas covered by the course are:

  • Design materials

  • Production & processing methods

  • Prototyping skills and methods

  • Forming: vacuum forming

  • Material reduction processes: laser cutting, wood cutting, foam sculpting

The courses develops knowledge and understanding of the ways material properties and processes of manufacture relate to and influence design aesthetic, semantic appeal and product personality.


Teaching apporach

This course explores relationships between material selection and use, processes of production and their influence upon the design and aesthetic of contemporary products.

The course reviews material properties and current approaches to manufacture in product design. The relationship between materials, their strengths and limitations, production methods and design aesthetics are explored through case-study examples and studio based design and realisation projects (making, prototyping & production).

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Student outcomes

Course related outcomes

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- Registured Patent | Utility Model-DISPOSABLE SCOOP | 20-2013-0007682, 20-0476880