dpr.lab @ UNIST

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, The Design Practice Research lab (dpr.lab) at the School of Design & Human EngineeringUNIST explores the human ability to design (fundamental), employs design as means to examine relationships between products and people and applies design knowledge in the design of more appropriate product experiences.


Achievements and impact include international journal and conference publication, patents, international design awards, design rights, exhibitons, and design periodicals. Other areas of interest include interdisciplinary design pedagogy and research-through-design as  approach to exploring design-driven innovation.


full academic scholarships available

Interested in dpr.lab? We're currently looking for motivated, dependable & dedicated graduate students to join us (PhD and/or Masters). Benefits include:

  • Full academic scholarships (tuition & living expenses)

  • opportunity to study on our exciting Creative Design graduate programme at UNIST.

  • All courses & instruction 100% in English

  • Work on exciting government (fundamental) and industry (applied) sponsored projects.